Preparing for 2017!

As everyone is focusing on the new year, our family is focusing on the many life changes and surprises we have for the first 4 months of the year!  Here is a list of things on our mind coming up for the family.

babyshowerSprinkle Shower! – I believe this is a great excuse to let me cook and have my husband eat guilt free.  The theme for the food is Italian!  And here is the menu items:

Appetizers: Bruschetta, Fried Mozzarella Sticks, Cheese and Crackers

Mains:  Pasta Bar! Lasagna, Crockpot meatballs

Desserts: Bread Pudding, Pie, Alcoholic Fudge, Lemon Bars

 Family Mini Trip!

We will be trying out the new stroller with the glider for the children in Chicago, and risking the entire trip without a vehicle!  Should be fun as the children love trains.  Should be cold during January as well.  I’m looking forward to fun times, great food, and a bit of chaos in the mess!

Baby Birth!

My due date is March 31st.  I’ve had one early (3 1/2 weeks early) and one late (8 days late)  I’m hoping for one right on time, so I can laugh at the unexpectedness of baby arrivals!

Family arrives in town to visit!

I have three weeks of wonderful family coming to stay with us.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!

Summer schooling vacation!

I’m still unemployed, and I will be unemployed, with a newborn and a 5 and 6 1/2 year old.  Let the chaos begin!  Did I mention I’ll be starting to finish out my degree next year as well?  YIKES!

Job Hunt!

I’ll start the work hunt again when the children start school.  It drops me down to one to worry about during the day for an interview verses three!

Large Family Vacation!

My husband has two ideas.  Either we are going to see family back in England, or we are all going on a skiing trip.  Either way, this will be an adventure to plan and organize and attend accordingly!

So that’s my year in a wrap!  What are you planning for your new year?  Any great goals that you actually plan on achieving this year?

scaleHere are our family goals:

  1. Reducing family grocery costs
  2. I have to reduce my spending in GENERAL!
  3. Save, Save, Save!!!  How much can I save?  It is a personal challenge for our family.
  4. Balance.  I thrive with a balance in our lives.  I’m hoping with all the changes, we’ll establish a sense of balance as well.

Signing off!



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