Cold Winter Days and Keeping Hot Goals


snowWe all have those cold winter days, where we refuse to go outside.  This am I woke and it was -4 degrees.  It’s the first dash outside that when your lungs take in air, it takes your breath away.  I had to go out to take our daughter to school, but it’s somewhat forgiving when you have the car in the garage and a short drive and back.  However, going anywhere else was simply out of the question today.  Even our son refused to go outside.  In fact, he doesn’t want to go back out to pick up his sister from school even!

So, how do you occupy the time on days like this?  As a mom, we did preschool this am, and I can usually keep my son’s attention for an hour.  Then, it is on to Lego building or car smashing.  I love to cook and bake, so the last hour before my husband comes home it is dedicated to cooking supper and/or a delightful dessert.  Tonight, I gave him two options.  The choices were lasagna or barbeque chicken pizza.  Friday nights in our house have routinely become pizza night, because we are both tired from the week.  Pizza is the routine for tonight again. 🙂

We had new goals that we wanted to accomplish this month.  Unfortunately, besides thinking about them, we haven’t done much to achieve any progress.  Sickness, new job stress, husband throwing out his back all have put a damper on this current week.  Our fitness goal, which was to hit the month hard on working out and getting good food, has resorted to our usual pizza night on Friday.  One positive, at least I’m making it from scratch! 🙂

The important thing I’ve remembered is we have a year.  I read an article today that if you start a goal it takes 66 days to make it a firmly entrenched  habit.  66 days!

cpencilholderOne goal I’m trying is I want to use my creativity at least once a month.  Last month, I made a pathetic boat with a hot glue gun and wine corks.  It was destroyed that night with bath night in six different pieces.  I also made a letter to put in the basement of our “man cave”.  I’m sure I’ll break it before I can get it hung!  I’m using my creativity in other ways, even in things I like to do such as organizing or in simplifying my life with less things.  Now those things sound practical, but who else do you know has a flower pot as a pen holder?

Our warm hearth!

Keep moving and keep reaching for what you want to achieve.  I know our family is going to try to help be that inspiration for you.  Continue to stay warm, healthy, and mentally sound.  Never give up on your goals or yourself.  Sometimes we all just need to take ourselves out of a situation or deep thought and pick it up after a good night of rest.  I can tell you our family will be getting the much needed rest this weekend!  Lots of wood fires and curling up on the sofa!  I wish the same relaxation to all of you.


Happy Friday all!


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