Saving on Storage Solutions

With baby on the way and starting my third trimester, saving money is constantly on my mind.  We desperately needed storage in our small baby room but we didn’t want to spend the several hundred dollars on a storage solution.  And we also didn’t want it to look like we went for the latest Walmart special.

I noticed the sale at Target, spend $25 or more get $5 off.  I bought each of the three pieces you see above separately.  I also bought two orders of boxes separately online to get the additional savings.  Each of the boxes were $5 each.  Now to make this look NOT like a cube center.  When you add all the discounts and using an awesome Target card, we paid less $80 for all the cube systems and $55 for all the cubes.  If you add the price of the boards from Lowes we spent a grand total of $160.00.  This storage solution spans 7 feet by 4 feet high on the wall!

My husband and I bought a two pieces of unstained wood from Lowes and cut them to size.  Then we stained them the same color we stained the door into the room so it all matched.  We also bought a spare piece of white boarding that is usually used for baseboards and wedged it into the bottom.  Because we cut everything to size perfectly, they are all wedged in, so there is NO room for movement, unless you took a hammer and hammered it back out of place!  It also gave the cubes structure and stability.

With this last touch, we have storage for the new arrival in March!  We attached each unit to the wall also so the units cannot fall down when being climbed on.  For little boys, they will try anything.  Safety First!

See our completed baby room pictures.  Before this was all an open space.  My husband built the wall and closet over a weekend.  Materials cost us less than $500.  Then we got a professional in to do the drywall hanging/mudding/taping as well as another professional to fix the carpet that we had cut putting the wall and closet in.  Carpet repair was less than $200 and the drywall and finishing was $500 total.

See all the finished pictures for our baby room.  The chair was $160 from a local store as a return, but we needed an additional chair in our lounge so I made sure the color of the chair allowed us to easily move the chair to another area of the house when no longer needed.  This baby room minus a few baby accessories needed (clothes/sheets/etc.) is complete!

Total Costs:

Room Construction/Finishing + Storage Unit: $1360

Free Crib and Mattress!
Comfy Chair
Storage Unit
Changing Table


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