Slashing the grocery bill in HALF – HOW I DID IT!!!

januarygroceryCurrently our family of four with baby on the way has a budget of $800.00 a month in groceries.  Over the last three months I’ve been striving to figure out how I can reduce that bill to half.  I’m happy to say I have 6 days left in the month, a full pantry, and less than $15.00 of groceries to get this weekend.  My total spendings for the month to date are: $382.51.  After the last incidentals, I will have officially made it one month halving my grocery bill.  I haven’t added back what I made from Ibotta or Checkout 51, but there is at least an additional $10.00 I’ve saved on each of those applications this month.  Let me tell you HOW I did it!

1. Don’t be afraid to USE coupons.  I scoured the coupons every week for things we normally bought.  I also looked for things I like to buy, but usually don’t because of cost or because of it being a want not a needed item. I downloaded the app and printed what I needed directly to my printer from my IPhone.

2.  Double team the discounts!  I paired everything coupon wise up with another deal, either using Ibotta app or Checkout 51 app.  I also looked at the website,  Other people would give ways to get the best deals on somethings so I would evaluate and see if it’s worth it for me to try that week or not. (Hint prenatal vitamins can be expensive so I was happy to get them at a buy one get one free at CVS! Even though I wasn’t needing them, I knew I would need them still for the next 3-6 months)  If you go to their website now, they show you how to get Eye Makeup for nearly Free! (IT WORKS!)

3.  Price Matching at Walmart.  Every week I went through the sale items on the weekly grocery ad.  If one grocery shop was offering discounts on ground beef, I would write down the store and the price on my grocery list and get set to buy in bulk if it was a screaming deal!  For example, anytime I found ground beef less than $2.00 a pound, then I knew I should buy in bulk and store in the freezer. Then I would buy at Walmart and have them price match the deal.  The Walmart by my home doesn’t always require the ad to come in with you, so usually there are no issues when I give them what I found. (I keep the page saved on my phone as a backup just in case)

4.  Go shopping on the day the meat gets discounted.  I went to Walmart on the day I knew they discounted the meats.  I would find 10 boneless porkloins for $5 on discount, but they had to be used by the next day.  So I would simply freeze half and use the first set of five for supper that night.

5.  Buy in Bulk for deep deals!  Even though you irritate people in line, when you have a lot in the check out line, buy up for a great deal.  When will you NOT use toilet paper in the house?  I kept to my list and when I found an awesome deal I made sure I bought in bulk!  Most of the coupons were allowed to print multiple times, so I bought as many as the coupons allowed me to buy.  I remember how happy I was to buy cereal for $1.00 a box, and came home with 10 boxes.  By the way, we found out we actually don’t mind Chex.

6. Double check your receipt!  Three times, I found items that I bought from Target, didn’t give me the cartwheel discount from the app I used. So I would go straight to customer service to set it right.  Another time, the Walmart cashier double scanned my meat.  How do you take back a $7.00 meat item you don’t have unless you go straight to the customer service while groceries are in hand to prove it?  This simple check has saved me at least $15.00 this month between wrong price ring ups, missing discounts, or items just not there!

deepfreezeNext month, I have as the last full month before the birth of my little boy. (Unless he decides to come late). I have decided to concentrate my saving money on two areas: No take out month and Half the grocery bill AGAIN!  I figure it is always great to set a goal, so now that I have found a system that works for our family, and it is tested and true, I’m going to see if I can reduce even further.  We have a stock pile in the cabinets, so worst case, I can start eating through the cabinet and the deep freeze!

We are going to attempt to not eat out, nor have any fast food for the entire month.  I also am going to attempt to get the grocery bill down to $200.00 this next month!  This will be a lot of creative thinking!  There will also be a lot of bulk meals, so keep an eye out for new recipe items.

Happy Savings!

Signing off,


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