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februaryToday is January 31st, 2017.  We are 1/12th into 2017.  Has your new year goals kicked off with a bang or has it gone bust?

For our family, it is 8 weeks left until our new arrival.  Our family workout goals ended up a bust as my husband went up instead of down in weight for the new year, but our budgeting has become more crucial than ever as I have a short 5 weeks left until my unemployment runs out.  And with a start of a new place of employment for my husband, and his last minute holiday with a buddy, and a desperately needed dog run as the new puppy has destroyed our garden entirely, financial crunch time is hitting like a brick wall.

Whether you are making or breaking your goals, the important thing is you never lose sight of the true end state.  Our true end state is that we are healthy and happy.  We are simple people that enjoy the simple things in life.  So to that in mind, the month of February will be dedicated to our “no spend” month.  Now you may laugh as to how can I have a no spend month while my husband takes loads of spending money to his last minute getaway with his mate?  I gave a large cash budget and said if there is $1.00 more spent he’s in trouble. 🙂  There are some things for the sake of happiness you just take out of savings and be done with it.  Besides, he earned it!

This February is our make or break month.  We usually get a large refund from tax time, and we typically use it to book a holiday.  This year, due to me not working, it’s going to sit into savings,  until we have a bit of knowledge on the unknown.  We also had some unexpected bills hit us, and the van is 15 years old with 150,000 plus miles and no heat for the winter.  But we are determined to make things work and stay positive about the future.

coinsSo this month, I am halving the grocery bill again from $400.00 I made this month down to $200.00.  My husband is pessimistic about if I can truly attain this goal.  I’m not eating out this month.  Period.  My husband has his getaway, we have our $50.00 in coffees for the weekends at Starbucks for the month and nothing more.  The cards are going out of my wallet.  No credit card, no debit card.  It’s hard to buy if you don’t have anything but cash in your wallet and a thought about thinking twice if you only have $200.00 and nothing more for the month.

We budget $100.00 a month in gas, and I am starting to not like being in the car severely pregnant.  So I’m hoping I can squeeze a little extra of savings there.  Also, we budget for clothes at $125 a month.  It sounds like a lot, but we seem to regularly go through it.  So perhaps with the lack of shops, I can save that extra amount as well.  I also want to try some new things.  If something breaks, well I guess I’m going to be attempting to fix most things myself. 🙂

Watch the blog this month and see how I do.

So you may be asking, why is this blog different than any other blog?

honestyI’m going to save money doing real life things.  I’m going to tell you how I’m doing, and be honest with all things.  With everything you read, how do you know it’s the truth or not?  You don’t.  But this is a hardworking, honest woman trying to make things easier for the family one day at a time.  As there is political instability, lying and political drama in the workplace, I hope every day you can come home and read something honest and refreshing.  And I’m going to have fun trying something new every day!  Cheers to February!

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