Grocery Bill Reduction – Counting Pennies to $200.00


Groundhog Day!  The Groundhog saw his shadow.  We supposedly have six more weeks of a long cold winter.  Considering where I am, we haven’t had much of a winter as of yet, I’m not too bothered.  But I would rather have spring come, so I can focus on what I love most; Gardening.  This month I have challenged myself to slash my grocery bill in half again, from $400 last month to a mere $200 dollars for a family of 4.  How did I do for the first week of shopping?

grocery-listFor the first Walmart spend, the final bill was $107.62.  However, dog bones do NOT count on my grocery budget.  They count as in if I want to keep my yard and most of the belongings in my house, I buy the dog bones. If I take them out of the bill, including tax, I’m at $98.00.  What did I get for that amount?  Take a look at the list, and all the different places I price matched at!

Now, for a family of four, we can’t eat 10 pounds of chicken, or four pounds of beef in a week.  So most of the meat will get stored in the deep freeze for when it is more expensive to buy.  But all the essential staples were covered.  I have meal prep to last the next two weeks.  I will probably need to make a brief run to the shop next week for fruit and milk, nothing more unless I find some killer deal.  But stocking up when I find buys has helped immensely.  For instance,  it doesn’t matter what type of cereal I have in this house, my family will eat it.  So they will be happy with the Cheerios or the Apple Jacks that I just purchased.  Not to mention, I’m still eating through the last stash of cereal I bought.  (I’m set for cereal for OVER a month or until the next deal time hits!!!)

I also took advantage of coupons that worked in my favor.  I saved over $1.00 on all the yogurts, saved an additional $1.00 on each of the two cereal box types.  It makes the brand cereal very reasonable in price, as after the price match and coupons I paid $1.33 per each box of Apple Jacks.

Lastly, I went through Checkout51, Ibotta, and SavingStar to gather even more savings.  I got $1.00 through Checkout51, $1.50 through Ibotta, and $2.75 pending through SavingStar.  $5.25 in additional savings, is nothing to sneeze at.  I’m sure if you found that in your laundry, it will buy you your next coffee at Starbucks!

While the older people behind me in the Walmart line gave up waiting with their 22 items and went to another lane, I know that I am doing right with my family.  They couldn’t complain too much as they were price matching as well, but only for grapes!  Every penny I save this family, helps me spend more time at home with the children.  It reminds me of going back to the “good ole days” when most families lived on one income, and the mom was usually at home with the kids.  I thought I would always hate this stereotype, but there is something to be said about the children having me home with them while they do homework, or during the day when my son is learning with me on his letters or his calendar.  Our life is simpler.  And simpler means you get less stress within the family.

kidmuseumMy husband can’t remember the last time he cleaned a toilet, or had to stay up late with a sick child.  But he goes to work every day for this family, and I value everything he does for us.  He values the home cooked meals, the sprightly children, and the clean home.  Soon our family will grow, and I’ll be beyond the point of exhaustion caring for a newborn and a 5 year old at home.  Summer vacation, I’ll have a 2 month, 5 year old and a nearly 7 year old.  Welcome the sunshine and the days out in the yard or the park!  Value the little moments as those are the things even as adults we remember the most!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m exciting to keep reading your journey! I am also trying to save money on groceries and your post motivate me!

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