Missing Daddy…


I quickly pack up the children in the minivan at 7:15 am to take Daddy and his friend to the airport.  The children are still in pajamas cuddled up with blankets, stuffed animals and a Kindle Tablet.  As we drive to the airport, eyes absorbed into the tablets, they don’t really realize quite what is happening.  Once at the airport, each one gets a bit of a cuddle from Daddy and off he dashes to catch the plane to Denver. And seconds after he leaves the car, it hits both of them and I hear the sniffles and see the tears with the words, “I am going to miss Daddy!”

He is only going to be in Denver for a couple of days.  However, the change is enough to create shock in their poor little minds.  After chatting with him on the phone, they are feeling better, but about once an hour I hear an I miss daddy, or I can’t wait for daddy to come home and play with us.  As a mom, I wonder what made me so second rate?  But I beam with pride as I know they have a wonderful relationship with their father.  And as 32 weeks pregnant, I want to make sure everything goes smoothly so when he returns we can focus on the upcoming arrival of our next little one!

familyWhile my husband is having his last bit of fun before losing sleep for the next year, I’m having my bit of fun with two little ones playing leap frog around the house on couch cushions.  And I don’t regret it one bit!  Today is “Jammie Day”.  That means none of us are getting dressed and going out today!  I attempted to convince them, but I have no shopping, and all my suggestions on where to go, they preferred to stay home and play.

super-kidsSo, after our morning hot chocolates (with marshmallows) and a simple lunch, it will be movie time and play time for the rest of the day.  They even told me they want to sleep together in one room because they both miss daddy.  How can I even consider a no with cute responses such as that?

Take the precious moments and enjoy every second.  Children grow up too fast!


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