Grocery Bill – Counting Pennies to $200 – Part 2



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I’m going through my second week for the family, and we ran out of some basics.  So off to the Sam’s Club to buy strawberries.  $5.98 total.

reciept_liThen we went to Walmart for the following: Milk, baking soda, crunchy peanut butter and apples.  As I went past the milk, I saw my favorite thing on the clearance bakery rack… Strawberry Cheese Strudel.  I made the impulse purchase and bought it.  (By the way it was great with a tea today!)  Today’s total: $8.09

So far I’m at: $98.00 previous grocery trip and when I add this weeks purchases up, I’m at a total of: $112.07.  Three more weeks to spend less than $87.93.  I ran out of ketchup today after making my crockpot meal for supper tonight.  But I don’t see Ketchup being needed between now and next week so I’m just going to write it on the list and forget about it.

We also ran out of Bisquick.  I used it mainly for making pancakes.  However, I found a nice little recipe online for making Bisquick powder mix WITHOUT buying!  I bought a $1.00 container at Dollar Tree and added the following:

8 cups flour – 6 Tablespoons baking power – 4 teaspoons baking soda – 2 teaspoons salt – 3 Tablespoons of Sugar.

This Saturday when I make pancakes, I’ll let you know how it tastes.  But you add one cup of the mixture to 1 T. of melted butter, 1 Cup of Milk and 1 egg.  Mix and bake. 🙂  Bisquick is $5.98 at my local Sam’s Club.  This was made with $1.00 container purchase and ingredients I already buy in bulk and with more than enough in my pantry!

Tonight, we are having honey garlic crockpot chicken with rice.  I’ll post it as a new recipe on my site when we finish testing it on the children.

spinachWe have spinach in the fridge starting to get mushy.  So I’m going to find a recipe to add it in a Spinach and Cheese Quiche and freeze it! Why throw it out when I can use it in something that will probably make it mushy anyways!  Besides, this is just another food item that my hubby can eat that is much healthier then the lasagna alternative I made last night for supper!

hamLastly, I organized the deep freeze yesterday.  I took an inventory of what I had and took out a ham.  I’ve been surprised with while reducing my grocery bill, how much I truly have stockpiled in the deep freeze.  A simple ham for us can last several meals, and I bought it when it was only $.89 a pound.  So while it thaws in my freezer, I’ll be making up the list of meal items for it.  Ham with potatoes and salad for one night.  Ham and cheese Quiche for another night as supper.  Most likely a Ham and Lentil stew will be made and partially saved for the last supper item.  I like to fix it up with Cornbread, but for some odd reason no one in the house except me likes cornbread!  Oh well… at least we will eat well!

Happy Tuesday everyone and take a moment for a good cup of tea!

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  1. barbdionicio says:

    Oooh I like all the recipes you are going to make with your ham! Makes me want to get a ham and freeze it too. I don’t have a deep freezer but have been thinking of getting one for quite some time now. It would save me some trips to the grocery store.


  2. Thanks for sharing these great tips! Next to my rent, the grocery bill is the second highest expense I have every month. I’m definitely going to be implementing some of these ideas.


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