Analysis Paralysis – Getting things done!


So tonight is the last night I am home with my own thoughts, and I’m thinking about how I can save even more in the next few months.  We have to build a fence for the dog, move the swing set to accommodate for the fence, work on a drainage solution for water undermining our concrete patio, the summer is coming which we will plant a beautiful vegetable garden, and somehow we need to save money with a newborn and a single income.

This evening, I went through the kids clothes and wanted to know what they grew out of and absolutely needed for this summer.  My daughter needs shoes and sandels.  My son needs shorts, shoes, and sandels.  I would usually think this is an easy summer for me, except the shoe department gets pricy for my son.  He wears wide shoes.  I didn’t want to look at what I need for clothes because I have no idea what I will even fit into after this baby comes!  My husband, since he works gets a golden ticket from me even considering to alter his “needs”.

For our family of four, soon to be five, I budgeted $125 to clothing per month.  You may think that is a lot but when children grow out of clothes in three months or wear holes through leggings, it really isn’t that much.  Besides that includes shoes and I struggle to find shoes as well for a reasonable price.  (Don’t get me started on maternity clothes or undergarment costs!)  Now that I’m not working, my shoe and handbag purchases have gone to nothing!

I went to Kohl’s with coupons the other day.  They sell Stride Rites, which are wonderfully easy for my son.  I was able to buy his shoes and shorts that were needed for $35.00.  I know that I didn’t want to buy new, but for the price point, and considering the shoes are regularly $40.00 a pair, I considered them a bargain with my $15.00 off and my 20% off.

Either way, I’m not that proud person that needs the children to be dressed perfectly.  After I stopped counting the number of times spaghetti won’t come out of a beautiful outfit, or the numerous fights debating on what my child will wear, I’ve come to the conclusion it simply doesn’t matter anymore.  Don’t judge a book by its cover nor by the clothes I put on myself or my children.  We are simply having fun and are completely OK if we end up in the mud by the end of today! 🙂  So speaking of MUD and that list…

My husband checked ONE project off the list!  The swing set is MOVED to accommodate for the fence!  See the before and after photo!  We tested the swings ourselves, and we didn’t crash! 🙂

Now, remember that drainage ditch and the fence we have to work on?  My husband has been put to work again!  Best way to save is to learn to do everything yourself.  Fortunately, I’ve done a fence and a drainage ditch before.  Unfortunately, my husband will have to do all the manual labor as I can’t help much anymore.  We are going to start on the project together.  I’ll supervise and he will dig!  So this weekend we got started and are going to work through things a little at a time as long as the weather stays nice.

Our backyard will be a mess until the fence is sorted.  Our doggy room is going to be a mud pit until this project is OVER!  I can say children and dogs both LOVE MUD!!!

I wish everyone a happy Monday evening!


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