Making a List = Organizing Your Thoughts


I’m a list person.  If I don’t have a list, I can’t seem to get things done properly.  If I go to the grocery shop without a list, I buy about 20 things I didn’t really need.  With my budget, it’s just something that I can’t afford to do anymore.  During the day as a stay at home mom, there is always something that I need to get done.  I spend several hours of schooling with him, and then the afternoon is my time to get things done, while he gets to “help” me or play.

lists-2Yesterday, I put together a cleaning list.  Now most might think these are obvious spring cleaning items, but for me, if I write them down I’ll do them in order.  Why would I dust the furniture before I clean the ceiling fans?  Unfortunately, in my brain I do whatever is easiest first, which is why when I see the entire list I know how to prioritize my work.  I used to write a list with my heavy workload and managing several teams of individuals, and now I run the house the same way.  Pregnancy brain isn’t working in my favor!

Sometimes, it’s hard to get your day sorted.  If you are a stay at home mom, the lack of people around can make your day extend longer than you wish.  You look forward to that social interaction, whether it is the Facebook message from a friend or the text message from  your husband at work.  There are days when I quite miss having “adult” conversations.  Most of my day is talking to a 4 year old about what is for lunch, how to write a letter, or the type of “poo” he had for the day!  So the list allows me to keep my brain organized on “adult” things.  And it allows me to be proud of what I can accomplish throughout the day.

I encourage you to take a day, when you are feeling not yourself, and make a list.  It can be of anything you want.  Sometimes that little sheet of paper, even if you do nothing with it that day, can be the momentum that makes you smile.  The simple reward of ticking something off the list is worth a good smile.  And even when you feel miserable, you can still feel like you accomplished something great!

Listlessly away!


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