Grocery Bill Counting Pennies to $200 – Part 3

I want to update all of you on how I’m doing.  Here is the previous thread in case you need a refresh.

In short, I’m failing…. Or you could say I’ve failed.  BUT!!!!  This doesn’t mean I haven’t learned something from my experience.  Let me start.

I went to Walmart because we ran out of quite a few items in the house this week unexpectedly.  Oatmeal while I was in the middle of making Oatmeal Banana Cookies, Milk went faster than I expected, and I’m out of butter and fresh fruit.  My husband wanted to go this weekend to Walmart.  Whenever I go with kids and my husband, it never turns out the way I planned!  But I was planning on going Tuesday anyways and do a large amount of price matching on items we already needed.  SO I did them today… Result:  My total spent for the month after the grocery shop is $205.76.

While I’ve missed my $200.00 amount, I am already at the 18th of the month and past the half way point.  So I’m proud that I have done less than I did last month!  I do know there are somethings that I also stocked up on when they were on sale because I know they aren’t always on sale.  For instance,  Kellogg’s cereal I purchased for $1.25 a box using a price match and coupons on the boxes.  So now I have 8 boxes of cereal sitting in my pantry.  That will easily last me through March! Strawberries were on sale 2 one pound packages for $3.00.  I bought three and froze a container of them.  I can always use strawberries and when they thaw out, they can go in cakes, or any other way.  Kids love them!

So while I went over, I’m going to try things again in March.  My last part of this blog will be the official and final total of how much I spent for February.  With a little luck, perhaps I’m only a bit over.  Either way, going from $800-$1000 a month down to $300-$400 a month is a CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS!!!  And my husband is quite impressed as well.  I might add as well, I haven’t factored in what I have saved from Ibotta, Checkout51, or Saving Star.  I look at those as extra “perks” I get for myself.  This month between the three programs I have $35.00 saved.  So, there is always a silver lining in using the applications!

Signing off!


PS – The extra savings allowed us to buy nicer rock for our home drainage project!

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